Artist of the Month

Gallery Hall
August 2019
Mary Storms & Sonia Kane


Mary Storms

I was born and raised outside of Boston. My family was fortunate to spend our summers at my grandmother’s old camp house on several wooded acres adjacent to Walden Pond. Together, my brother and sisters and I, along with an ever-revolving flock of cousins, explored every inch of the property. We climbed rock outcroppings, built tree forts, paddled up and down the Sudbury River, hunted for Lady Slippers, sang with the tree frogs and danced with the fireflies. My knees were perpetually scabbed, my hands always filthy, and my imagination ran at full tilt day and night fueled by this outdoor wonderland. But, ironically, it wasn’t until I left this wonderland far behind, that my creative spirit was truly stirred...more


Sonia Kane


My artwork is an expression of the joy that I feel and the peace that I find in the simple beauty of life.  Whether hammocks or lemons, hillsides or courtyards, I am drawn to scenes that are touched by sunlight because they remind me to linger and appreciate God’s world.  Through my oil paintings, I try to capture the fleeting magic that occurs when ordinary scenes are transformed by the sun...more