Artist of the Month

Gallery Hall
July 2019
David Stickel & Karen Lee Crenshaw


David Stickel

This concept of 'excellence' challenges me, as it once did the great masters--to create representational works through the medium of watercolor that speaks to the heart. It beckons the mind of the viewer into the beauty and creativity of the everyday wonders around us. I especially enjoy creating images that few others would ever consider painting because of their overwhelming complexity.My parents and teachers observed from a young age my natural ability to draw and paint and always encouraged me to work hard to cultivate this gift from God. I began by drawing portraits of family and movie stars, because it seemed unique and special to capture someone's likeness on paper. Interestingly, some people have difficulty reconciling my 6'9'' size with the incredibly detailed realism of my paintings. In 1982 I graduated with an art degree from UNC-Asheville while on a basketball scholarship...more


Karen Lee Crenshaw


Karen Lee Crenshaw has been drawing since she used to scribble on the walls as a child.” She earned a BS in Art Ed from Concord University and an MFA in Painting from George Washington University. Karen has lived in Jacksonville, NC, for nineteen years where she maintains Crenshaw Art Studio in her home and at ArtExposure in Hampstead, NC....more