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January 2019
Dan Campbell


Dan Campbell

Although it can sound a bit trite when someone says they have a real passion for something, I really do have a burning desire to capture on a canvas the things in our lives that make us feel more ALIVE. Art has a way of making us slow down long enough to see and even experience something beautiful or poignant or precious about life. I literally can’t wait to put paint (and a bit of my soul) on the canvas and for the next creative idea to materialize!

I was attracted to art from an early age, inspired by the dramatic and colorful drawings in the comic books I collected (I especially loved The Flash and Batman). As a kid, I mowed yards so that I could buy my next comic book. That led me to drawing and painting. I started college as an art major and then moved into business and marketing. Fortunately for me, after a successful business career (largely in the health and fitness industry), I found my way back to doing what I love…creating art...more

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