Artist of the Month

Gallery Hall
September 2018
Deb Hauser & Angela Tommaso Hellman 


Deb Hauser

 All my life, I have enjoyed working with my hands. I was fortunate to have been raised in Bucks County Pennsylvania,
 anarea outside of Philadelphia that is rich in the cultural arts. I pursued my painting and received a degree from The Tyler School of Art at Temple University...more

Angela Tommaso Hellman 

When a teacher informed me that I was an artist, I was rather surprised. Really?! There just happened to be an art teacher on my block and so I would walk to her painting class each week... this continued until age 13 when my dad started driving me to an adult studio in Brooklyn for advanced lessons. Later I commuted into Manhattan for further study, including at The Arts Students League.

After receiving a BA in both graphic design and fine art, I began working full time as a graphic designer in NY and NC. This is when put the paintbrushes down. Later, I taught elementary art and became a mom of 4. It was when life suddenly turned upside down, during a divorce, that I started painting again...more 

2018 Gallery Hall Artist Schedule 

January Emily Andress
February Lauren Ivey
March Scott Harris
April  Brian Anderson
May Leticia Alvarez & Adrian Grecu
June  Bradley Carter 
July Suzanne Hetzel & Lola Santos
August Sabrina L. Fey
September  Deb Hauser & Angela Tommaso Hellman