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Gallery Hall
July 2018
Suzanne Hetzel & Lola Santos


Suzanne Hetzel

This Chicago area artist does pseudo-realistic paintings in watercolor. While they appear realistic, a closer look reveals how the artist incorporates a variety of techniques including salt, scratching, splashing, pouring and repel to create the finished affect.

The artist works primarily from life and her imagination, using photographs only as reference. Suzanne’s passion is aqueous media as an expression of the world around her. She is interested in the forms of nature combined with the structures of man, and the endless variety they present. Recent works demonstrate a serious attention to patterns created by common objects, and how they integrate with their surroundings and each other. Suzanne states, "I have a genuine attraction for groups of things, and the way they interact visually. It is fascinating how objects can be so similar and so different at the same time."

Suzanne Hetzel was born in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, and has lived and painted throughout the United States. The opportunity to travel has allowed Suzanne to experience a broad variety of environments that have been a source of great inspiration.

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Lola Santos

I was born in Cordoba, Spain in 1972. I studied Fine Arts in the Santa Isabel de Hungria School of Arts, in the University of Sevilla, Spain. In 1995, I obtained a Master’s Degree in Artwork Restoration and Conservation. Shortly after graduation, I dedicated myself to the care of my newly formed family, but always kept a close relationship to art by painting as a hobby and by teaching art at several High Schools for sixteen years.

My family and I relocated to Raleigh, NC in 2014, but it was not until 2016 that I decided to pick up the brush and paint again. During a visit to an art exhibition I felt powerfully drawn to a photography book: “Advance Style. Older and Wiser”, by Ari Seth Cohen. In this book I found stories of mature women that exuded freedom, freedom of mind, freedom in the way they dressed, freedom in the way they faced life’s challenges, the freedom that only the perspective of many years lived can give you, the freedom that the wisdom acquired with the passage of time and life experiences affords you.

These ladies inspired my first series. I wanted to use my brush to tell their stories and, even though I had never met them in person, they were displayed before my eyes as the paradigm of female freedom.

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