Artist of the Month

Gallery Hall
May 2018
Leticia Alvarez & Adrian Grecu


Leticia Alvarez 

Leticia Alvarez is a Mexican artist. She studied Arts at the University of Monterrey (UDEM)and participated on numerous exhibitions. Leticia got a Master degree in Education through Art, from the University of Nuevo Leon. She got married and moved to the United States, where she got a scholarship at the University of Virginia Tech, and obtain a Master Degree in Latin American Studies, History and Literature. Her love for Mexico and her roots, were translated into art with different motives, traditional Mexican toys, "alebrijes", religious images, houses, are express with remembrance and nostalgia for the Mexico that's been left behind.

The artist lives in Raleigh, NC with her husband David Elizondo and her four kids, where she teaches Art in her studio.

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Adrian Grecu 

Adrian Grecu is a Transylvanian artist who combines painting with 3D modeled, computer generated images printed on canvas. He is a pioneer in combining traditional medium with Augmented and Virtual Reality. Adrian's works are an expression of an internalized "Vital Elan", true personal, energetic imprints expressed through dynamic gestures and poses. Contrasting and intense colors create a unique ethos of his pieces. Part of the world recognized Plan B artistic generation, Adrian's art was displayed at various international events. 

2018 Gallery Hall Artist Schedule 

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