Artist of the Month

Gallery Hall
October 2017
Vicki Rees & Flora Pinkham


About Vicki Rees

My artistic specialty is contemporary realism executed in colorful oils. Unusual angles, dramatic lighting, and nature’s intricacies all capture my attention.

I often find my inspiration in the everyday. That can be as close as my kitchen counter, lined up with oranges, or a take-out box waiting for its close-up.

My muse also calls when I am outdoors. I’ve found the best places to look for five-lined skinks, how to spot a toad hole, and that wild turtles can learn to come when “called” for feeding. My favorite Raleigh park is Lake Johnson with its vast array of mushrooms, herons, and the occasional fox.

My artistic style continues to evolve and improve even as I revisit my favorite subjects. One element of my paintings that does not change is my use of bold color. I admire other artists’ soft edges and misty hues, but never attempt them in my own work.

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About Flora Pinkham

Flora Pinkham is a representational oil painter living in central North Carolina. Her sensitive paintings reflect her love for the natural world and the beauty of ordinary experiences. Flora’s journey as an artist began at a young age, as her interest in the natural world was nurtured by her scientist parents. She spent much of her time drawing, painting and creating in many mediums, with her early art classes focused on the basics of realistic drawing. Her family placed a great deal of importance on travel, so she was able to experience various cultures and surroundings at a young age. Her love of the landscape grew from long car rides across the country, and her desire to be a painter was kindled by visits to the Louvre and other world class museums.

After a trip to Europe at the age of twelve, she requested lessons in oil painting. She discovered an affinity for the medium immediately, loving its richness and supple texture. She continued to paint throughout high school and majored in Studio Art as a college student, graduating Summa Cum Laude from Messiah College, a small liberal arts college in Pennsylvania. The school provided a strong foundation in representational drawing and painting as well as a beautiful pastoral setting.

Inspired by her surroundings, Flora began to explore painting out-of-doors, often embarking on her own with her aluminum easel to set up along roadsides and trails. She soon realized that her enthusiasm outpaced her skills, so she sought more direct instruction in plein air painting through books and workshops, as well as familiarizing herself with the tools needed for this unique painting experience. She created her own pochade easel from a Fratelli Brolla wine box, adding hinges and attachments for holding canvases, which she used for several years. She still feels most at home when she is painting outdoors, though she also paints still lifes and larger landscapes in her home studio. Flora has received awards in regional and national plein air events and national shows such as the Oil Painters of America Salon and travels the East Coast and beyond, seeking new sources of inspiration. Regardless of her location, she is intent on finding the subtleties of light and subject matter which make for a great painting.

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