Artist of the Month

Gallery Hall
June 2017
Judy Crane & David M. Gaadt


Judy Crane

It is often the sense of light in the artwork of professional painter Judy Crane that draws the viewer to her paintings. Whether painting a landscape, cityscape, interior, or still life, Crane captures the magical influence of light on the subject before her. Often this light is fleeting and illusive, other times bold and brilliant. For Crane it is the effects of light and the resulting shadows and colors that inspire her to paint a subject...more

David M. Gaadt 

2017 Gallery Hall Artist Schedule

March  Murphy Ayala & Doug Mock 
April  Cecelia Cox 
May  Keiko Genka 
June  David Gaadt & Judy Crane 
July  Laura Pollak 
August  Tonia Gebhart
September  Micah Mullen
October  Vicki Rees & Flora Pinkham
November Luis Ardila
December Luis Ardila

2018 Gallery Hall Artist Schedule 

January Emily Andress
February Beth Carrington Brown